New Service

Feel free to call our office to confirm we service your address:
352-622-1171  8:30am-4pm

New connections will be turned on the next business day.

We’ll need:

  • Your ID
  • Service address
  • Deposit and service fee payable by cash, check, money order or credit card (a $2.50 convenience fee with card use)
  • Lease or Closing Documents
  • Signed application


  • $55.00 water deposit or 2x average estimated bill, whichever is greater, and a $35.00 nonrefundable service fee.
  • Sewer accounts have an additional $55.00 sewer deposit.


All fees must be paid in full before water service can be established. All new accounts will be charged these set fees whether you have been a customer of ours or not. We do not do credit check so fees are unavailable to be waived. Deposits CANNOT be transferred from one account to another. Deposits will be refunded when you close out your account, unpaid balance will be deducted from the deposit and a refund check or final bill will be mailed to the address provided.

Important Information:

We require that all faucets, washer connections, etc. be in the OFF position before we arrive to turn on water service. Technician will allow a few gallons of water to pass through the meter, if it does not stop registering water, he will then turn the water off to avoid any flooding. If with happens, an additional $35.00 service fee may be charged and turn on date will be rescheduled.